Hey Middle-Schooler…

Are You Going to College After High School?

Haven’t Thought about It? You Should!

You don’t have to decide which college you want to go to or what you want to study, but you can start to set yourself up for college success now!

How?  Do Well in Middle School!

What Are Colleges Looking for in Students?

Middle School Student in Class

Colleges are looking for students who…

  • Do well in school
  • Challenge themselves and take advantage of opportunities provided
  • Explore their interests beyond what is required in school
  • Are involved in their school and communities

It’s cool to be smart.  In Middle School, do the best YOU can.


Ask Questions

No teacher expects you to understand new concepts the first time you hear them:  If you don’t understand something, ask during class, before or after class. Interested in learning more about a subject? Ask questions about that too. You are showing your teachers your initiative and curiosity.

BE ORGANIZED:  Learn how to organize your school work.

USE YOUR FREE TIME WISELY: Set aside time to do your homework. NO DISTRACTIONS.

LEARN HOW TO STUDY: You could review and rewrite your notes. If you are not sure how, ASK your teacher.

Get Involved in School Activities

Middle school girl in robotics class


Want to be in the school play? Do you play an instrument? 

Do you like basketball? How about robotics?

Try things – you never know what you might like. If you don’t know how, ASK a teacher, your school counselor or coach.

They are there for YOU!

Transitioning from Middle School to High School

Your Hard Work Now Will Set You Up for Success in High School

Set yourself up for success in High School

When you register for classes for 9th grade – challenge yourself!  Don’t just take the minimum requirement. Ask your school counselor or advisor what classes your high school offers.


  • AP – Advanced Placement
  • DE – Dual Enrollment at a local college
  • GT – Gifted and Talented
  • H – Honors
  • S – Standard

Who Likes Math?

Algebra II Geometry Pre-Calculus Calculus

If you are strong in math, or any other subject, reach for the advanced classes. If your school does not offer them, consider dual enrollment at a local college or online courses.

The better you do in high school…

The more colleges you can consider…

The more financial aid and scholarships you may receive!

Middle school girl in math class
Teenage Girl and her Family at High School Graduation

College Is Your Goal

You’ve Got This!

Do not wait until you are a senior in high school, already applying to college, to realize you should have been working harder.

Do it now! You will thank yourself later!